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[Throwback 2001] MSN Chat with P. Diddy

This chat took place some days after "The Saga Continues".

Digital Dish Diva: Welcome to MSN! P. Diddy, it's great to have you back! Thanks for joining us again!

P. Diddy: It's great to be here! I thank everyone for the love and support. Be sure to pick up the P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family CD in stores now.

Digital Dish Diva says: The first thing everyone wants to know is about your name. So do we call you P. Diddy or Puff Daddy?

P. Diddy: I mean, the thing with the name change was a joke at first to symbolize a new start. I am going with P. Diddy on the new album, but if you call me Sean or Puffy I'll answer, I'm not crazy. (laughs)

sugarbaby_79 says: Does it bother you when people call you by your old name?

P. Diddy: No, not at all. It wouldn't bother me if they didn't call me at all. (laughs)

PoPaWoody_02 says: Like other artists who have spoken out about their music being digitally spread, how do you feel about music leaked onto the internet before it was released to stores?

P. Diddy: I think the internet is a good thing and a good promotional tool. I just want the artists to get what they deserve. I think it's a great tool and that's why we launched our website

RaveUn2Mike says: Although Bad Boy is a predominantly hip-hop label, can we expect more pop groups, like Dream?

P. Diddy: Definitely! As we get older, the music changes and Bad Boy prides itself on being the cutting edge. We're not just a hip-hop level. We're going to be successful at whatever we do, clothing, hip-hop, or underwear.

Digital Dish Diva says: So, when does the underwear line make it's debut?

P. Diddy: The underwear line is in your stores right now. We're doing an event to launch in August, but it's in the stores now. We're competing with Calvin Klein and it's a friendly war. I caught him at a party and told him that underwear wasn't sexy until he did it and we're about to bring the sex back to the underwear game.

Digital Dish Diva says: Boxers or briefs?

P. Diddy: The only reason I wear underwear is because I have the line. (laughs)

lila022488 says: Hey, P Diddy! What's the coolest place you've ever been to go?

P. Diddy: I just came from Monte Carlo and did the Grand Prix. I waved the flag to start it. That is the coolest place I've been as well also Paris.

IAmTheOne964 says: How do you as a producer pick the "talent" from "the rest"?

P. Diddy: Just keeping my head to the street, always knowing what's going on. That's why you'll catch me in places you wouldn't think someone of my stature would be in. Keeping it fresh, keeping it new.

RoRollen says: What is the most exciting thing you have done in you life? Travel? Fly a plane? What?

P. Diddy: Put together my third album. It was nice to go back to being the producer. I wasn't mad at anyone. I didn't feel like I needed to do it because I wasn't starving. I just wanted to make music and make people dance again.

MeNYou3 says: Did you and Fred Durst ever make the new remix to "My Way" and are you going to be working with other rock bands in the near future?

P. Diddy: Oh yeah, definitely. I've been working with doing more and doing something with Dave Navarro. We'll continue to expand. That's how we became Bad Boy.

Dul90 says: "It's like Black men's lives are defined by pain." Has your life been defined by pain? Tuwana

P. Diddy: I mean, I definitely want to say my life wasn't defined by pain, but everyone has their life defined by different things. I try to look at the positive, but there are things that have defined my life that have caused pain. I wouldn't say my life is defined by pain. You don't have to feel sorry for me.

deepsix says: P. Diddy, who won the second annual softball game between Bad Boy and Rocawear?

P. Diddy: Rocawear won. They had their full staff, but we looked better. We had cheerleaders. We were extra sexy.

sweet_thang02 says: Is fame all it is cracked up to be?

P. Diddy: Yeah. I think being famous is a good thing. You have to have balance though. You have to spend as much time with your family as with fame. You want to do the right thing and be respectful of the fame. As opposed to being flashy or gaudy. I employ 600 people and wouldn't be able to employ that many people or a lot of minorities without the fame. Fame is hard work.

EatSleepBreatheSnowboard says: I can't live without snowboarding. What is the one thing you can't live without?

P. Diddy: Can't live without music.

jiggadude03 says: P.Diddy, what's your new focus in future releases of your songs?

P. Diddy: I just want to take it back to where we started, making people dance, not being mad at nobody. You'd know more about it if you picked up my CD.

orginalbee says: How long did it take you to put this album together?

P. Diddy: I actually put the album together quickly. After the trial, I had a lot of time on my hands. Then I was in Miami and was able to put the album together in four or five weeks.

Digital Dish Diva says: Did the trial change you?

P. Diddy: No, it didn't change me. It made me thankful for the things I had. I think I was always thankful, but it made me think how quickly things could be taken away from you. Even if you didn't do anything, just being in an environment.

Southern346 says: You seem more enlightened during your interviews, more calm and peaceful. Is this a direct result of recent events in your life or did you decide it was time for a change, prior to?

P. Diddy: I think seeing how my life has gone and my success, I'm in a more peaceful place. I am more focused than I've ever been and that's coming out, it may seem calm, but I'm just more focused. I have a movie coming out with Vince Vaughn and I'm working for the future of Bad Boy.

DevilSpawn says: P. Diddy, I just saw your movie "Made." I thought you were fantastic in it. Did you take any special acting lessons or are you just naturally talented?

P. Diddy: I'm just naturally talented. (laughs) Just kidding! I definitely took acting lessons, and I chose a film that was more an independent film. This is something I want to do seriously and want to take my time so I definitely had an acting coach.

JFK557 says: P. Diddy, what books do you like to read? You're an incredible entrepreneur. Is there any particular business book you can recommend?

P. Diddy: Actually I'm writing a business book on the music industry. One of the books I read recently is "The Spirit of a Man."

BigDaddyjayBaby says: How far can you drive a golf ball?

P. Diddy: If you see in the video, I'm a regular Tiger Woods. (laughs) Honestly I don't. I haven't really been playing golf too tough, I'm more of a basketball fan.

Digital Dish Diva says: Lakers?

P. Diddy: Knicks! I do want to congratulate them--Kobe and Shaq.

yorobbins says: P. Diddy, could you please give some general success tips?

P. Diddy: Never stop working. Be relentless until you get what you want.

sweetplaygirl says: Who wrote the songs on your album?

P. Diddy: I wrote or co-wrote every song. We also have writers like Jack Knight and guest producers like my partner, Mario Winans, Jack Knight, and Lo.

flirtchick says: Who were you closest to in your family?

P. Diddy: My mom.

Digital Dish Diva says: Best lesson mama taught you?

P. Diddy: To say please and thank you.

nic2401 says: Any plans on expanding your restaurant, Justin's, in other locations?

P. Diddy: Definitely! We're looking for investors right now. So if you have any money, send it in. (laughs)

MusixMaster2003 says: If you weren't a producer/rapper/actor/businessman, what would you be doing?

P. Diddy: I don't know, maybe I'd be a preacher, somewhere I could touch people.

NikkiA_22 says: Were you more like a geek or Mr. Popularity in school?

P. Diddy: I was fairly popular. I was pretty much the same person.

PDiddyishott says: Who was your first kiss?

P. Diddy: My mother, the day I was born.

splitt2000 says: What one word describes your life in music the best?

P. Diddy: Perpetual, eternal.

Vyle0 says: Where did you hook up with Travis from Blink 182?

P. Diddy: I think I met him at one of the MTV awards. I've known him for a minute though.

LittleGrumpy76 says: Being a single Mom of a four year old boy, what advice would you suggest to keep him strong and motivated?

P. Diddy: Just keep them in church and school. Make education first. Also, sports are a great way for them to learn life lessons.

qball471 in Onstage3 asks: What are your favorite sports?

P. Diddy: I like to play basketball. Obviously when the Rocafella crew is around I like to play Softball.

SparklyTwinkleToes says: What was it like growing up for you?

P. Diddy: It was cool, I had a happy childhood.

jusnglist02 says: Which song on the new album means the most to you and why?

P. Diddy: I think this whole album as a combination to me and means a lot. Where it came from, what it means. . . To make an album when I didn't think I was going to make another one. It's about all the things I've gone though over the last year. So it's a combination of them all. I just want to make people dance.

Digital Dish Diva says: P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean, thanks for joining on MSN Live.

P. Diddy: This is P. Diddy. Thanks for the love and support. Please go out and get the new CD. Pick up some underwear, and check out my website www.P-

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