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[Throwback 1999] Jennifer Lopez Bares All... Interview

The critically acclaimed interview by Puff Daddy with Jennifer Lopez. This article is taken from Bad Boy's own magazine NOTORIOUS...

There must be some kind of renaissance going on. As in da Vinci's era, many smart, talented people in our multi-media world are no longer content being good at just one thing. Witness Jennifer Lopez, actress, singer, song-writer. Having brought depth and sensuality to starring roles opposite George Clooney in Out of Sight and Sean Penn in U-Turn, the 29-year-old actress single--handedly expanded Hollywood's infamously closed mind about what a female lead should look like. Soon she'll give her comedic chops a try opposite Brendan Fraser in The Wedding Planner which starts filming this fall, and the upward arc of her acting career shows no sign of peaking any time soon. In addition, Lopez recently took a serious leap into pop music superstardom with her debut album, On the 6, which has already gone platinum. Every bit as diverse as her career, the disc fuses hip-hop, R&B, and salsa into a seamless whole, sewn tightly together by Lopez's strong, honeyed vocals.  One of the producers of On the 6 is also the publisher of this magazine, and something of a renaissance man himself: Sean "Puffy" Combs. His resume is well-known: Rapper. Producer. Executive. And now, journalist. In the following conversation, Puffy gets the scoop from his homegirl, Ms. Lopez, on the stuff all the other magazines missed--digging particularly deep for a revelation about a certain romantic relationship.

PUFF DADDY: Hey, what's up.

JENNIFER LOPEZ: What's up, babe.

PD: How's the album coming?

JL: Everything's going well. It's had a lot of success, and that's been a pleasant surprise to me. Now I'm about to start a movie.

PD: What movie's that?

JL: It's called The Cell.

PD: What is it about and who's directing it?

JL: It's being directed by Tarsem. He was a video and commercial director who did R.E.M.'s 'Losing My religion' video. He won a bunch of awards for it.

PD: Is this his first movie?

JL: This is his first movie.

PD: So what made you take a chance with him?

JL: I just go with my gut. The movie's a psychological thriller, and the visuals are really important. So when I saw his reel, I thought he would be really perfect.

PD: As an actress, how do you choose your roles?

JL: You know, I choose them just like everything else--whatever moves me. Usually I know a script's right if it gets me a little scared and a little excited at the same time.

PD: This movie got you scared and excited?

JL: Yeah. I just felt like it was something that would stretch me and challenge me as an actress. And at the same time, it's a little bit unsettling to go to those places in your mind.

PD: Have you noticed any differences going from a movie star to a pop music star?

JL: I think the difference is that when you're a movie star, you're 30 feet big. People have to go out of their house to see you, and when they see you in person it's like 'Oh, my God!' but they're not so quick to approach you. But then, when you sing and do music, you're right there with them in their house, in their bathroom, in their bedroom. It's very personal for them. So when they see you, they're still like 'Oh, my God!' But they want to hug you and be next to you. It's just a different kind of energy.

PD: So, you've got hit movies. You got a hit album. And soon, it's gonna be a multi-platinum album. Are you happy right now?

JL: Yeah, I?m very happy.

PD: Is their a special person in your life?

JL: Yeah.

PD: Can we know his name?

JL: No.

PD: It's a secret?

JL: Yeah, my secret. My special little thing.

PD: Okay. Well, since we're on the subject of men, what is Jennifer Lopez's ideal man?

JL: What usually attracts me to someone is how I feel around him--if he can make me smile and laugh and feel at ease. But I think the first thing that gets me is someone who has a sense of confidence about him, but you can still tell that inside he's a good person. It's like a tough exterior, but inside he's real sweet. My ideal man would have to be honest. You know, honest and truthful. That's it. And sexy. Sexy's good, too.

PD: What's sexy to you?

JL: What's sexy to me? I don't know. It could be the way somebody moves. The way they carry themselves. That's usually what's sexy in a man to me. It's not so much that he has the perfect body or a great face. I'm not attracted to that type of look--the perfect look. I'm more attracted to the energy, like if he has a sense of confidence about him. And power. That turns me on.

PD: What turns you off about a man?

JL: I guess somebody who thinks that he's the man. That's just not cute to me. Like when a man approaches you and he talks to you all crazy, like 'Yo, what?s up!' You can?t get nowhere like that with me. A man has to have confidence, but it's gotta be a quiet confidence. Not in your face. I like sincere people.

PD: What type of things do you like to do with someone who you're in a relationship with?

JL: I like to do simple things. I like to stay at home and spend the whole day in bed on the weekends. Go out later in the evening.

PD: Is sex an important part of a relationship to you?

JL: Yeah, chemistry's very important. Sex is important. Absolutely.

PD: I'm not trying to be vulgar or anything, but what kind of sex do you like?

JL: Very few people in the world will ever know that.

PD: Good answer. I feel that. Do you believe in love at first sight?

JL: Yeah. Absolutely.

PD: Have you ever seen somebody and fallen in love with him at first sight?

JL: Yeah, I have.

PD: Can we know who?

JL: No.

PD: Do I know who?

JL: I don't know.

PD: Maybe I know?

JL: Maybe you do know.

PD: Do you have any fetiishes? I have a foot fetish, you know what I'm saying? It's not like I like feet or nothin'. But, if a woman doesn't have pretty feet then I can't really fuck with her. Is there something in a man you look for, his feet, his hands? Is their something that's just gotta be right on a man?

JL: His mouth.

PD: His mouth?

JL: Yeah.

PD: If a man's teeth is fucked up, he's over?

JL: Yeah, he's gotta have a nice smile and a nice mouth in general.

PD: Why, do you like to kiss?

JL: Yeah, I love to kiss.

PD: What kind of kisser are you? Wet kisser? Soft kisser?

JL: I've been told I'm a good kisser.

PD: You've been told? By who?

JL: People I kiss.

PD: Do you kiss a lot of people?

JL: No.

PD: Could you ever see yourself giving me a kiss?

JL: [Laughs]

PD: I'm saying. We've been friends for a long time. We've been linked together in the papers and in magazines. I can't front. It's crossed my mind. What if everything they were saying was true? So, I'm just wondering have you ever thought about giving me a kiss?

JL: [Long pause] Um, yeah.

PD: Okay, back to the interview now. Let me see. I don't know--it's hard for me to concentrate right now, you know, now that Jennifer Lopez says she's thought about giving me a kiss.

JL: [Long pause] You're crazy.

PD: So the next time I see you can I have a kiss? I'm dead ass serious.

JL: Let's move on!

PD: You're not gonna answer that one?

JL: [Laughs] No.

PD: I mean they're writing about us in the papers. We might as well have a kiss.

JL: I don't kiss anybody I'm not serious with.

PD: But the next time you're in New York, can I have a taste test?

JL: No.

PD: We would have to get serious?

JL: Yup.

PD: Do you want to get serious with me?

JL: You're crazy.

PD: Airight. What was your most romantic moment?

JL: One time I was with someone and he gave me a gift. But, it wasn't that he just gave me a gift, it was when he gave it to me.

PD: When did he give it to you?

JL: It was a private moment.

PD: Oh, so the person gave you the gift, while y'all were makin' love.

JL: [Laughs] I didn't say that.

PD: Okay. Okay. Who's the sexiest man alive?

JL: Oh, that's tough. There's a lot of sexy men out there. Who's the sexiest woman alive?

PD: You're the sexiest woman alive.

JL: [Laughs] See, you're one of those guys.

PD: I'm one of those guys what?

JL: You got all the lines. You got all the answers.

PD: Who's the sexiest woman alive beside yourself?

JL: I saw Sophia Loren at the Oscars and she was so classy and sexy that she just blew me away. She?s older now but she's really maintained herself. And the way she carries herself is so admirable. Confidence is sexy in a woman, too. In this business it's always hard, because there's always that next fly, young thing coming up.

PD: How has your love life changed since you've become famous?

JL: It's changed a little bit. You have to protect yourself more, and be private, because so many people want to know about it. You've gotta keep sacred some things that are not to be shared with the world.

PD: How old were you when you lost your virginity?

JL: Read Details magazine.

PD: Fuck Details. How old were you when you lost your virginity? This is Notorious, we want to know.

JL: I was 17.

PD: That's a good age.

JL: It was fine for me.

PD: Where do you feel the most comfortable, in the Bronx, Manhattan, L.A. or Miami?

JL: I feel most comfortable in the Bronx. But I like being in Miami.

PD: Have you ever been a victim of racism?

JL: Growing up in New York, I didn't really experience it that much, to tell you the truth. It's been good like that. The only times were when I was working in Miami, before I started acting and stuff, and I'd go into certain shops where people would look at you like you didn't belong in there. Those were the only times that I ever experienced it. I never had any really bad incidents that I can remember.

PD: Have you ever found yourself stereotyped in Hollywood?

JL: People try to pigeonhole you. But I've always been very conscious of that when making choices. Even when I did television, I chose different types of roles, so they wouldn't be able to sterotype me. I realized that I had to fight that because I'm Latin.

PD: What's your social world like in Hollywood?

JL: I'll go to a premiere if it's my movie or if a friend's in it. I don't hang out with other celebrities and go to parties like that. That's not really my style. It's never been. Maybe it's because I just don't have time. When I do have time off, I'd just rather be at home or hanging out with the people I love and people who have been my friends for a long time. I have my little group of girls, they just don't happen to be actresses.

PD: You've changed physically from Fly Girl to now, how have you changed inside?

JL: I don't feel I have changed inside. I feel like I'm the same person who grew up in the Bronx. And who had the same kind of dreams that I had back then. Im still driven in that way and have things that I want to accomplish. But I don't feel like I've changed. I don't take anything for granted. I realize that this could all go away tomorrow.

PD: What if it did all go away tomorrow? What would you do?

JL: If it did, I would probably just keep trying. That's my attitude. It's not like I would just take it lying down. I'd keep on plugging away at it and struggling to do the things I want to do.

PD: A lot of the magazine articles that have been written about you paint you as very ambitious. Do you think ambition can be a bad thing?

JL: No, I don't think ambition is a bad thing. But I think sometimes people try to make it sound like it's unattractive to be ambitious and be a woman. But, for me, it's like I had a lot of dreams that I wanted to fulfill, and things that I wanted to go after. And just because I do that, and I have tunnel vision when I'm doing it, it doesn't mean that I'm a bad person. If a guy does that, it's like, 'he's great, he's focused.' But when it's a woman, it's a different story. And I just think that's unfair.

PD: Do you think that your ambition has been intimidating to men?

JL: I don't know. I guess what I do for a living could be intimidating to men. But I don?t see it as a bad thing. I see it as passion for what I do.

PD: Describe a vulnerable side of yourself that you don't think anyone would ever imagine or believe.

JL: I'm very sensitive to other people's feelings. It really bothers me to see anybody freaking out. People might be surprised at that, but it's very true.

PD: What's something about you that's less than angelic?

JL: I don't let people push me around. I don't let people take advantage of me or think that because of who I am or where I'm from that I'm not as intelligent as other people, or that because I'm a woman they can take advantage of me. I can be a little bit strong sometimes.

PD: What's in the future for Jennifer Lopez? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

JL: Making movies and doing my music and having a family.

PD: You're ready to have kids?

JL: Yeah.

PD: This guy that you mentioned earlier who you're with right now.. .do you think he's the guy you want to have kids with?

JL: [Pause] Yeah.

PD: Are you ready to get married again?

JL: Um, I don't know if I want to get married right away, but...

PD: Soon? Eventually?

JL: Absolutely. I would get married before I had kids.

PD: The guy that you're with right now, do you think you could ever marry him?

JL: If things worked out good, yeah.

PD: We gotta find out who this guy is....What about your last marriage. What did you learn from getting married and then divorced so soon afterwards?

JL: That love isn't everything, It takes compromise and honesty and trust. Those are the most important things. If you don't have them, you don't have a relationship.

PD: Name three things a guy could do to win you over?

JL: Um, that's a tough question, because there isn't a thing that someone can do to win your heart. It takes time.

PD: So, time could be one of them. What's another thing?

JL: It's a tough one to answer. What three things could a woman do to win you over?

PD: She could make me feel like she loves me for me. You know when you can tell just by the way someone looks at you that they love you. It ain't about if you got a hit record, or if you're right or wrong, or whatever, it's just, that they love you. You really only meet one person like that in your life who just... really loves you. You know what I'm saying? Another thing is that a woman could catch me off guard by doing something romantic. Usually it's the guy's job to do the romantic thing. And number three is by giving me a challenge, not making it where it's that easy for me.

JL: Where it's easy?

PD: Yeah, make it where I gotta wait a minute.

JL: So, you don't like to hit it on the first night?

PD: Nah, I don't like it when I get to hit it on the first night.

JL: But you will hit it on the first night.

PD: I have hit it on the first night. Have you ever hit it on the first night?

JL: No.

PD: You never had a one night stand?

JL: No. But you?re a guy so it's different, I guess.

PD: Do you find me attractive?

JL: What? Yeah, you're very attractive.

PD: No, are you attracted to me though? You might find Kevin Costner attractive, but you might never fuck with him, Do you find me attractive?

JL: I said yes. How much more plain can I be?

PD: Airight. You know, you're very difficult.

JL: [Laughs] Yeah, I know I'm a tough interview.

PD: Yeah, you're a tough inteview. I just want to say, you have a beautiful ass.

JL: [Laughs] You're an idiot.

PD: I know you hate when people bring that up, but for real, you do have a beautiful ass.

JL: How would you know?

PD: I mean I've looked at it like every other man in America has looked at it. It's really not that big though. You know what I'm saying. It just fits your body perfectly. It's the perfect ass.

JL: Thank you.

PD: Oh, you're welcome... Handcuffs or whipped cream?

JL: It depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

PD: Missionary or doggy style?

JL: None of your business.

PD: Rough or passionate?

JL: Passionate.

PD: Ten minutes of passion or an hour of love?

JL: I'm a love creature.

PD: Have you ever had a manage a trois?

JL: No.

PD: Would you ever?

JL: Yeah, maybe on Valentine's Day with my husband.

PD: Would it be with two men or another woman?

JL: On Valentine's Day it would be with another woman, so my husband could enjoy it.

PD: What do you think about right before you have an orgasm?

JL: I hope he does not stop moving.

PD: [Laughs]. Name a time when you wished you could have been invisible.

JL: Every time they write about me in 'Page Six.

PD: They've written a lot about us in the papers. Do you think the stuff in the papers about me and you could be true one day?

JL: I guess, it's possible.

PD: Do you like me?

JL: Laughs

PD: Answer the question!

JL: Do you like me?

PD: Yeah, I like you. Do you like me?

JL: Yeah, I like you.

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