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Complete Black Rob Discography


Life Story (2000)
1. Mrs. Barry (Intro)
2. Life Story Feat. Cheryl Pepsi Riley & Racquel
3. Whoa
4. Drive By (Interlude)
5. Lookin' At Us Feat. Cee-Lo
6. Down The Line Joint Feat. G-Dep, Mark Curry, Mase & Puff Daddy
7. Espacio Feat. Lil Kim
8. You Don't Know Me Feat. Joe Hooker
9. Can I Live Feat. The Lox
10. Championship (Interlude)
11. PD World Tour Feat. Puff Daddy
12. Muscle Game Feat. Mark Curry & Mario Winans
13. Cop Skit (Interlude)
14. B.R. Feat. G-Dep
15. Thug Story
16. Jasmine Ft. Carl Thomas
17. Mad Rapper (Interlude)
18. I Love You Baby Feat. Puff Daddy
19. Spanish Fly Feat. Jennifer Lopez
20. Rise Up (Interlude)
21. I Dare You Feat. Joe Hooker

The Black Rob Report (2005)
1. Courtroom (Intro)
2. They Heard I Got Life
3. Watch The Movements Feat. Akon
4. Star In The Hood
5. She's A Pro Feat. Mr. Porter
6. Where Da Bypass At? (Interlude) Feat. Petey Pablo, D-Dot & Craig Mack
7. B.R. Feat. Cheri Dennis
8. Ready
9. B.L.A.C.K.
10. Lights Out (Interlude)
11. When You Come Home Feat. Rhea
12. You Know What Feat. Louis Farrakhan
13. Y'all Know Who Killed Him Feat. Notorious Big
14. Back To Live Action (Interlude)
15. Fire In Da Hole Feat. Ness
16. Smile In Ya Face
17. Warrior Feat. Cali Ranks
18. Team Feat. Ness, Young City AKA Chopper, Babs & Aasim
19. Help Me Out
20. Courtroom Skit
21. Long Live B.R.
22. The Verdict

Game Tested, Streets Approved (2011 Duck Down Records)
1. Welcome Back
2. Boiling Water
3. Bumpin'
4. Can't Make It in NY
5. Showin Up
6. Celebration
7. Wanna Get Dough
8. Get Involved
9. Sand To The Beach
10. Made Me A Man
11. Fuck Em
12. This Is What It Is
13. Up North - This Is What It Is
14. No Fear Feat. Sean Price
15. Shit (Itunes Bonus Track)
16. Stand Off (Itunes Bonus Track)
17. Nothin' (Itunes Bonus Track)


Maximum Pressure - Black Rob & Alumni - The Mixtape (2008)
1. Black Rob - Crackity Crack Feat. Mega Phenom
2. Black Rob - Go 2 Da Videotape Feat. Mega Phenom
3. Mega Phenom - Lifes A Hustle
4. Black Rob - Comin 4 Ya
5. Black Rob - Star In Da Hood
6. Mega Phenom - Mash Out
7. Alumni - Alumni Heist
8. Black Rob - Bring The Noise
9. Mega Phenom - Ready For War
10. Black Rob - Ready
11. Mega Phenom - Do It 4 TV
12. Black Rob - Paid My Dues
13. Black Rob - Warrior Feat. Cali Ranks
14. Black Rob - Team Feat. Ness, Young City, Babs & Aasim
15. Black Rob - Live From The Eastside
16. Mega Phenom - 2 Step
17. Black Rob - No Way Feat. Mega Phenom
18. Black Rob - Black Is Back
19. G-Dep - Nighty, Nighty Feat. Mega Phenom
20. Black Rob - Street Crime Feat. John Doe
21. Black Rob - Help Me Out

Solo Tracks:

Black Rob & G Dep - Eastside Story
Black Rob & Mase - Give It Up / Stop & Go
Black Rob - All About The Dough
Black Rob - B.R. (original mix different verse from album mix)
Black Rob - Big Guns Lights Out
Black Rob - Business Never Personal
Black Rob - Childrens Story
Black Rob - Crackity Crack
Black Rob - Dilusional
Black Rob - Get It On
Black Rob - Gun Clapping
Black Rob - Gun Hell
Black Rob - Hand Me The Pump
Black Rob - How Ya Move Like That
Black Rob - I Dare You Buckwild (Remix)
Black Rob - I'm Nicer
Black Rob - Just Holler First
Black Rob - Life
Black Rob - Live From The Eastside / Permanent Scars
Black Rob - Lookin At The Front Door
Black Rob - Lungs On Fire
Black Rob - New York New York
Black Rob - No Fear
Black Rob - On Da Spot
Black Rob - Pay The Rent
Black Rob - Questions Answers
Black Rob - Shake A Leg
Black Rob - Smokey Rob / Infinite
Black Rob - Stop Tha Press
Black Rob - Talk To Me
Black Rob - Thats Crazy (Solo Version)
Black Rob - The Bone Crusher
Black Rob - The Heist
Black Rob - The Set Up
Black Rob - Three Course Meal / The Chrome
Black Rob - Time To Ride
Black Rob - Toe Game (Interlude)
Black Rob - Ventilation
Black Rob - War
Black Rob - Who Got The Props
Black Rob - Whoa Easy Mo Bee (Remix)
Black Rob Ft. Beanie Sigel Da Brat G Dep & Lil Cease - Whoa (Bad Boy Remix)
Black Rob Ft. Black Rob Ft Beanie Sigel Da Brat G Dep & Lil Cease Shine & The Madd Rapper - Whoa (Extended Bad Boy Remix)
Black Rob Ft. Buckshot - It Ain't Safe No More
Black Rob Ft. Busta Rhymes - Fire In The Hole
Black Rob Ft. Foxy Brown - Nobody
Black Rob Ft. G-Dep & Diddy - That's Crazy
Black Rob Ft. G-Dep & Raw - Live Another Day
Black Rob Ft. G-Dep - Espacio
Black Rob Ft. G-Dep, Diddy, Snoop Dogg & Missy Elliot - That's Crazy (Remix)
Black Rob Ft. Illacoin - Kissed By A Stranger
Black Rob Ft. Joe Hooker - Song Keeps Playing
Black Rob Ft. Nate Dogg - The Games
Black Rob Ft. Phenom - Welcome Back
Black Rob Ft. Puff Daddy - Make It Hot
Black Rob Ft. Stokes - Rhymes Galore
Black Rob Ft. The Madd Rapper - Crazy Cats
112 Ft. Black Rob - Come See Me (Bad Boy Remix)
Aasim Ft. Black Rob - Back N Forth
Aasim Ft. Black Rob - Broken Bottles
Aasim Ft Black Rob - So Hot
Aasim, G-Dep, Black Rob, John Doe, E Ness, Beloved & Lord Tariq - Hellbound
Benzino Ft. Black Rob - Any Questions
Black Rob Ft. Petey Pablo & Seven - Ultimate Setup
Black Rob Ft. Seven & Petey Pablo - Get Money
Boaz Ft. Black Rob & Hardtymez - The Connection
Channel Live Ft. Black Rob - Temptation
Cheri Dennis Ft. Jim Jones & Black Rob - I Love You (Bad Boy Remix)
Clinton Sparks Ft. Black Rob - Knock Em Out
Cru Ft. Black Rob - Nuthin But
Cru Ft. Black Rob - Wreckgonize
Dan The Automator Ft. Black Rob - Smoothness
Bounce Squad Ft. Black Rob - Live From The State Building
Diddy Ft. Black Rob, Big Azz Ko, Kain Cioffee, Mark Curry & David Bowie - American Dream
Diddy Ft. Black Rob, Foxy Brown, Big Azz Ko, Craig Mack, Kain & G Dep - And We
Diddy Ft. G Dep & Black Rob - Godfather
Diddy Ft. Loon Black Rob & Cheri Dennis - Back For Good Now
Dirt Mcgirt Ft. Black Rob - High In The Clouds
DJ Kay Slay Ft. Sheek Louch, Black Rob, Papoose & McGruff - Back 2 Back
DJ Kayslay Ft. Black Rob, G Dep & Craig Mack - Everybody Wanna Shine
DJ Kayslay Ft. Black Rob, G Dep & Craig Mack - Everybody Wanna Shine (with singing chorus instead of kayslay talking)
Drea Ft. Black Rob - Got Ya Back
Faith Evans Ft. Black Rob - I Never Knew A Love Like This (Bad Boy Remix)
Fat Cat Ft. Black Rob - Blood,Sweat,Glory
Flow Click Ft. Black Rob - Who's Dat
Frontpage Ft. Black Rob - Work For Me
G-Dep Ft. P-Dap & Black Rob - Scam Life
G-Dep Ft. Black Rob - One Way
G-Dep Ft. Diddy & Black Rob - Let's Get It
G-Dep Ft. Diddy, Loon, Mark Curry, Black Rob & Kain - Lets Get It (Bad Boy Remix)
G-Dep Ft. Ice Shuler & Black Rob - We Don't Believe You
Gotham City Ft. Black Rob & G-Dep - Scam Life Aka Stop It
Herb McGruff, Killa Kam, Black Rob & Cardan - Hell Up In Harlem
Herb McGruff, The Lox, Black Rob, Papoose & Razah - Raised With Them Gangstaz
John Doe Ft. Black Rob & Lil Kim - In My Hood
John Doe Ft. Black Rob - In My Hood
John Doe Ft. Black Rob - Look Who's Back
Kool Kid Ft. Black Rob - Coming Thru
Kurrup Money Ft. Black Rob - Love Hate & Respect
LDJ Ft. Black Rob - What U Want
Lil Cease Ft. Black Rob & Peedi Crakk - I Dont Know
Loon Ft. Black Rob & Kain - Bad Boys
Loon Ft. Black Rob & The Lox - How You Want That (East Coast Remix)
Lord Tariq Ft. Black Rob - Underated
Mario Winans Ft. Black Rob - This Is The Thanks I Get
Mark Morrison Ft. Beanie Man, Keith Murray, Black Rob & Crooked I - Father Forgive Them
Mase Ft. Black Rob, Dmx, The Lox - 24 Hours To Live
Mega Phenom Ft. Black Rob, Aasim, Bristal & Lord Tariq - Mind On My Money
Messiah Ft. Black Rob & G-Dep - Adventures
Mic Geronimo Ft. Black Rob & Dmx - Nothin Move But The Money (Remix)
Mobb Deep Ft. Black Rob & Remy Martin - Get Shot The Fuck Up
Murder Mook Ft. Black Rob - Harlem
New Edition Ft. Black Rob & Fat Joe - Hot Tonight (East Coast Remix)
Notorious Big Ft. Black Rob - Jeans & Sneakers / What's Goin On
Notorious Big Ft. Black Rob, E Ness & Aasim - Live At The BBQ
Notorious Big Ft. Black Rob, Ice Cube & Beanie Sigel - If I Should Die Before I Wake
One Life To Live, Uneek, Nature, Ja Rule & Black Rob – Sacrafice
P Diddy Ft. Big Azz Ko, Black Rob, Kain, Loon, Mark Curry & Bristal - Where's Sean
P-Dap, Black Rob, G-Dep, Jane Blaze & Scarlet - NY2K
Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun Ft. Black Rob - I’m A Stand Up Guy
Puff Daddy Ft. Black Rob - I Love You Baby
Puff Daddy Ft. Black Rob - No Way Out
Real One Ft. Black Rob - From NYC To The Golden State
Reddiray Ft. Black Rob & Bravo - Warcry
Rush Life Ft. Black Rob - I Write Checks
Shaquille O'Neal Ft. Black Rob & Thor-El – Y'all Don't Really Want It
Sonya Blade Ft. Black Rob - One Thug
Statik Selektah Ft. D-Dot Redman & Black Rob - This Is It
Statik Selektah Ft. D-Dot Redman & Black Rob - This Is It (Show Off Remix)
The Eastside Sopranos Ft. Black Rob - Both Sides
The Eastside Sopranos Ft. Black Rob - No Matter What
The Jackson 5 Ft. Black Rob - I Want You Back (Bad Boy Remix)
The Madd Rapper Ft. Black Rob & Nature - They Just Don't Know
The Shark Ft. Black Rob - Different Angels / The Stuggle
Tony Touch Ft. Black Rob G-Dep & Diddy - Non-Stop
Total Ft. Black Rob - What About Us (Bad Boy Remix)
Tracy Lee Ft. The Madd Rapper, Buckshot & Black Rob - Evolution
VS Ft. Black Rob - Dues
Wais P Ft. Black Rob - Im A Hustler
Wiz Dinero Ft. Black Rob - Now
Yvette Michelle Ft. Canibus & Black Rob - DJ Keep Playing

Big L Ft. Black Rob & Puerto - Harlem Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay)
Black Rob & Cavlar - Freestyle
Black Rob & G-Dep - Godfather Freestyle
Black Rob & The Lox - Chain Gang (DJ Clue Freestyle)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Clue – Triple Platinum)
Black Rob - DJ Self Freestyle
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Craig G & P Nice - Where My Dogs At)
Black Rob - Videotape Freestyle (DJ E.Nyce - Nothing But Freestyles Vol. 1 & DJ Kay Slay The King Is Back)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay & Dazon - Player Hater Eliminators V7)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay - Original Gangsters Pt. 3)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay - Original Gangsters Pt 5)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay - The Predator 99 Side A 01) Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay Let The Games Begin 3)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay Mic Check)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay Streetsweepers - The Drama Hour)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Kool Kid - The Diesel Exclusive Freestyles)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ S&S Bad Boy Mixtape Vol. 4)
Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Whoo Kid & Stretch Armstrong - Murda Music Pt 3)
Black Rob - Freestyle (Stretch & Bobbito, WKCR Sept. 24, 1998)
Black Rob - Future Flavas (Freestyle)
Black Rob - Outlaw Freestyle
Black Rob - Shade 45 Freestyle (Over Red Cafe - I'm Ill Beat)
Black Rob & G Dep - Freestyle (Cipha Sounds & Q-Butta - The Official Mixtape for the Streets - Volume 3)
Black Rob Ft. John Doe - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay - NYC Drama 4)
Black Rob, Canibus, Noreaga & Dmx - Freestyle (DJ Cutmaster C - New York Undercover Pt 2)
Black Rob, Lord Tariq, Rass Kass - Freestyle
Black Rob, Phenom & G Dep - Tony Touch Freestyle (Power Cypha Pt. 3)
Blvd Benny Ft. Black Rob & Alumni - Freestyle
Frontpage & Black Rob Freestyle Pt1
Frontpage & Black Rob Freestyle Pt2
Mark Curry, Black Rob & Loon - Freestyle (Bad Boy Radio Show in Chicago 2001)
Mega Phenom Ft. Black Rob & G Dep - Tony Touch Freestyle
Shyne & Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Whoo Kid Final Destination)
The Hoodfellas Ft. Loon, Kain, Black Rob & G-Dep - Freestyle Over Bad Boy For Life Beat

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