Friday, 26 August 2011

**Unsigned Hype** Grand Opening Presents.. ShamGar - I'm A Bad Boy Mixtape


I present to you Brooklyn boy Shamgar, born and raised in Brooklyn New York, East Flatbush to be exact. Due to his lisp and knack for flow and lyricism, folks have related his style to somewhere between Kool G Rap and Notorious Big. Blessed with witty wordplay and strong content, he has potential for greatness. Devoted to his craft by studying the greats ( Nas , Big , Jay-z , Rakim etc.) and the old soul sounds of the 90's his a breath of fresh air for the future of hip hop.

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Grand Opening Presents.. ShamGar - I'm A Bad Boy Mixtape

Grew up in the hey day of Bad Boy Records ShamGar has put together this mixtape of him rhyming over some of the hardest beats of the hitmen era.  Check it out below, one!


1. Take That
2. Say Suttin
3. Journey Thru Da Lyfe
4. Sean John
5. Sean Combs
6. Friends
7. Tell Me
8. Dollar Clutching Hustler
9. P.O.P.
10. Man Vs Machine
11. Lyfe's A Dream Pt.2
12. Young G's Perspective
13. 1994 Puff
14. Left Lane Livin
15. Anti- New Rapper
16. No Witnesses
17. (Bonus Blessing) Jean Paul

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