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Bad Boy Promo CD List Under Arista

I'm trying to archive and list every Bad Boy promo cd that was released while they was on Arista. The start of the catalog number on the cd will begin with "BBPCD". If you have a cd that i don't have on the list and you could share me some info about it (cat# & tracklist) then please contact me. Thanks

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BBPCD-9001 Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear
BBPCD-9004 Notorious Big - Juicy
BBPCD-9010 Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)
BBPCD-9012 Craig Mack - Get Down
BBPCD-9015 Notorious Big - Big Poppa
BBPCD-9019 Notorious Big - Big Poppa (Remix)
BBPCD-9021 Craig Mack - Get Down (Remix)
BBPCD-9025 Faith Evans - You Used To Love Me
BBPCD-9031 Notorious Big - One More Chance
BBPCD-9037 Craig Mack - Making Moves With Puff
BBPCD-9040 Faith Evans - Soon As I Get Home
BBPCD-9042 Total - No One Else
BBPCD-9050 Total - No One Eles (Remix)
BBPCD-9055 Faith Evans - Ain't Nobody
BBPCD-9056 Total - Kiss N' You
BBPCD-9060 112 - Only You
BBPCD-9064 Faith Evans - Ain't Nobody (Who Could Love Me)(Remix)
BBPCD-9065 Faith Evans - Come Over
BBPCD-9069 112 - Only You (Remix)
BBPCD-9072 Total - Do You Think About Us?
BBPCD-9082 Puff Daddy - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
BBPCD-9084 112 - Come See Me
BBPCD-9088 Puff Daddy - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
BBPCD-9089 Notorious Big - Hypnotize
BBPCD-9095 Puff Daddy - I'll Be Missing You
BBPCD-9098 112 - Cupid
BBPCD-9099 Notorious Big - Mo Money Mo Problems
BBPCD-9103 Puff Daddy - It's All About The Benjamins
BBPCD-9106 Notorious B.I.G - Lovin' You Tonight
BBPCD-9107 The Lox - We'll Always Love Big Poppa
BBPCD-9108 112 - I Will Be There
BBPCD-9116 Faith Evans - Love Like This
BBPCD-9118 Puff Daddy - Been Around The World
BBPCD-9119 Notorious B.I.G. - Skys The Limit
BBPCD-9128 Notorious Big - Nasty Boy
BBPCD-9137 Mase - What You Want
BBPCD-9138 Puff Daddy - It's All About The Benjamins (Rock Remix)
BBPCD-9140 The Lox - If You Think I'm Jiggy (Remix)
BBPCD-9145 Puff Daddy - Changing The Sound Of Popular Music
BBPCD-9147 The Lox - If You Think I'm Jiggy
BBPCD-9148 Puff Daddy - Been Around The World (Remix)
BBPCD-9149 Mase - 24 Hours To Live
BBPCD-9150 Puff Daddy - Victory
BBPCD-9158 Puff Daddy - Victory Rock (Remix)
BBPCD-9159 Notorious Big - Nasty Boy (Remix)
BBPCD-9169 The Lox - Let's Start Love Over
BBPCD-9171 Mase - Lookin At Me
BBPCD-9172 Puff Daddy - Vitory Hip Hop (Remix)
BBPCD-9175 Jerome - Too Old For Me
BBPCD-9180 Total - Trippin'
BBPCD-9181 112 - Love Me
BBPCD-9192 112 - Anywhere
BBPCD-9193 Faith Evans - All Night Long
BBPCD-9196 Jerome - Too Old For Me (Remixes)
BBPCD-9197 Total - Trippin' (Remix)
BBPCD-9200 VA - Bad Boy 2000 Sampler
BBPCD-9202 VA - Bad Boy Ent Presents: Emotional
BBPCD-9204 112 - Your Letter
BBPCD-9212 Faith Evans - Never Gonna Let You Go
BBPCD-9215 112 - Anywhere (Remixes)
BBPCD-9219 Fuzzbubble - The Sampler
BBPCD-9222 Total - Sitting Home (Remix)
BBPCD-9223 Mase - Get Ready
BBPCD-9224 112 - Anywhere
BBPCD-9228 Black Rob - You Don't Know Me
BBPCD-9231 112 - Love You Like I Did
BBPCD-9236 Puff Daddy - P.E. 2000
BBPCD-9238 Mase - All I Ever Wanted
BBPCD-9247 Puff Daddy - P.E.2000
BBPCD-9257 Faith Evans - Lately I
BBPCD-9258 Puff Daddy - Satisfy You
BBPCD-9259 Puff Daddy - P.E.2000 (Rock Remix)
BBPCD-9274 Total - I Tried
BBPCD-9285 112 - Your Letter (Remix)
BBPCD-9288 Notorious Big - Dead Wrong
BBPCD-9295 Notorious Big - Notorious B.I.G.
BBPCD-9297 Black Rob - Whoa
BBPCD-9302 Puff Daddy - Best Friend
BBPCD-9306 Puff Daddy - Satisfy You Remixes
BBPCD-9307 Notorious Big - Dead Wrong
BBPCD-9311 Notorious Big - Dead Wrong
BBPCD-9316 Carl Thomas - Emotional Album Sampler
BBPCD-9317 Puff Daddy - Best Friend
BBPCD-9323 Notorious Big - Notorious B.I.G. (Remix)
BBPCD-9324 Shyne - Bad Boyz
BBPCD-9327 Notorious Big - Would You Die For Me
BBPCD-9328 Black Rob - Espacio
BBPCD-9334 Carl Thomas - Emotional
BBPCD-9336 Carl Thomas - I Wish (Remix)
BBPCD-9337 Dream - He Loves U Not
BBPCD-9342 112 - It's Over Now
BBPCD-9345 Shyne - Thats Gangsta
BBPCD-9347 VA - Sean John Back To School Sampler
BBPCD-9349 Shyne - Bonnie & Shyne
BBPCD-9351 Dream - He Loves U Not (Remix)
BBPCD-9353 G-Dep - Lets Get It
BBPCD-9354 Dream - This Is Me
BBPCD-9355 Carl Thomas - Emotional (Remix)
BBPCD-9362 112 - Album In Stories 3/6 x 7 Tracks (need more info on this release)
BBPCD-9363 112 - Peaches & Cream
BBPCD-9364 Carl Thomas ft Sharissa Dawes - Cold Cold World
BBPCD-9367 Puff Daddy & The Bad Boy Family - You
BBPCD-9368 Kim Burrell - Special Place
BBPCD-9369 112 - It's Over Now (Remix)
BBPCD-9371 112 - Player
BBPCD-9374 112 - Part III (Album Sampler?)
BBPCD-9375 Puff Daddy & Family - Thank You Album Snippet Sampler
BBPCD-9378 Dream - This Is Me
BBPCD-9379 G-Dep - Lets Get It (Diff Cover From BBCPD-9353)
BBPCD-9400 P Diddy - Bad Boy For Life
BBPCD-9401 Dream - This Is Me (Remix)
BBPCD-9404 Faith Evans - You Gets No Love
BBPCD-9408 P Diddy - Diddy
BBPCD-9409 G-Dep - Special Delivery
BBPCD-9412 Dream - In My Dreams
BBPCD-9413 112 - Dance With Me
BBPCD-9415 112 - Dance With Me (Remix)
BBPCD-9416 G-Dep - Child Of The Ghetto Album Sampler
BBPCD-9418 P Diddy - Bad Boy For Life (Remix)
BBPCD-9421 P Diddy - Diddy
BBPCD-9422 Faith Evans - Faithfully Album Sampler
BBPCD-9423 Faith Evans - You Gets No Love
BBPCD-9424 Faith Evans - I Love You
BBPCD-9425 Faith Evans - You Gets No Love (Remix)
BBPCD-9435 G-Dep - Special Delivery (Remix)
BBPCD-9436 P Diddy - I Need A Girl Pt.1
BBPCD-9437 G-Dep Ft. Faith Evans - Everyday (Remix)
BBPCD-9441 P Diddy - I Need A Girl Pt.2
BBPCD-9442 Faith Evans - Burnin' Up

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