Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Madd Rapper - Tell Em Why U Madd Album Sampler 1999

1. TMR (Intro)
2. Roll With The Cat
3. DOT Vs. TMR*
4. Bongo Break* Featuring Busta Rhymes
5. Dice Game (Interlude)
6. Whateva* Featuring Fierce & Picasso Black
7. Stir Crazy* Featuring Eminem
8. Shysty Broads* Featuring Erika Kaine, Babe Blue & Mae West
9. You're All Alone Featuring Picasso Black
10. The Madd Producer (Outro)

* Snippets

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Anonymous said...

Nice post...but these are all available in higher quality on the actual record... you should track down some D-Dot promo's with instrumentals or something- Thanks!

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