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Complete Aasim (Bad Boy) Discography


The Money Pit (2005 All City) [buy It here]
1. Intro
2. Money Pit (Problems) Feat. Wize G
3. Hip Hop 101
4. Monsta Mash
5. Kool Shit
6. Street Of New York Feat. Wize G
7. 5 Steps Process
8. Truth Feat. Fat Joe
9. Stress
10. Streets Is Alive Feat. Kardinal Offishall
11. Broken Bottles Feat. Wize G & Black Rob
12. Rhyme Epic Feat. Kai
13. Disrespectful Views
14. Gotta Grind
15. Last Chapter

Mixtapes: (hulkshare links for individual tracks)

Spell My Name Right (2005) [free download]
1. Intro Feat. Diddy
2. Why Wouldn't I
3. All Mine
4. Walk In My Flip Flops
5. Hip Hop 101
6. Back N Forth Feat. Black Rob
7. Real Solider
8. 5 Step Process
9. Madd Rapper Skit
10. Yeah Yeah Yeah Freestyle
11. God Wit The Flow (Remix) Feat. Jae Millz
12. The Lesson Feat. Kai
13. Dead Ya Damn Self Part 1
14. Dead Ya Damn Self Part 2
15. Wize Speaks
16. Last Dayz Feat. Ness
17. Mindstate
18. The Truth Feat. Fat Joe
19. Sign Here Feat. Lord Tariq
20. Daddy
21. Show Biz
22. Come Clean Freestyle
23. I'm Back
24. Stress
25. Turn Ya Lights On

The Departed: This Ain't Reality TV (2007) [free download]
1. The Departed Intro
2. Go
3. Live On Hot 97 Feat. Diddy
4. Say New York City Feat. Diddy
5. Aastradamus
6. Alphabet Soup
7. South Rd
8. Customer
9. U Know How I B Feat. Wize G & Kai
10. Black Champion Hoodies & Number 9's
11. Arsenal Feat. Remy & Jae Millz
12. Wize Speaks 2
13. U Can't Come Around Here
14. On The Block
15. Rain & Sunshine
16. Get A Rush
17. So High

Off The Shelf (2010) [free download]
1. Off The Shelf Intro
2. Off The Shelf
3. Throwback Feat. Diddy
4. Radio Skit
5. Breath Of New York Feat. Young Dot
6. Groupie Bitch Ft. K-Young
7. MJ Skit
8. God Bless The Child
9. Pink Diamonds Feat. Jack Knight
10. On The Phone Feat. Mary Brown
11. Scarface Skit
12. No Nigga Like Me
13. Euphoria
14. Casino Skit
15. Switch Sides Feat. Young Dot
16. UB On Me Feat. Corte
17. Impossible Feat. Tyte Writer

The Money Pit 2 (2010) [free download]
1. The Money Pit 2 Intro
2. Black Birds (Rock Remix) Feat. Keon
3. Feel Stronger Feat. Diddy
4. I Mean
5. Breath Of New York Feat. Diddy & Young Dot
6. Money To Burn (Skit)
7. Message Approved
8. Rise & Fall Feat. Kai & Wize G
9. Prayer Feat. Rhea
10. My January Feat. Mario Winans
11. Shit Ain't Gonna Change (Skit)
12. Maybe Feat. Shannon
13. This Is The Life Feat. Iyanna Dean
14. Money & Sex Feat Citizen Cope
15. So Fly Feat Iyanna Dean
16. Bad Habit (Skit)
17. Candy Feat. Brother ED

The Money Pit 3 The Benediction (2011) [free download]
1. The Notorious Intro
2. The Message
3. Ghetto Black Music
4. I Don't Know
5. Fell In Love Feat. Anthony Hamilton
6. DMX Interlude
7. Southside Dreamin'
8. Comin From Where I'm From Feat. Anthony Hamilton
9. I Wanna Be With You Feat. Anthony Hamilton
10. Walk On By
11. Never
12. Fly Together Ft. Ryan Leslie & Notorious Big

Solo Tracks:

Aasim & Red Cafe - Hustle Hard (Bad Boy Remix)
Aasim - A Millie (Puff Daddy Reference)
Aasim - And You Say NYC Pt.2
Aasim - Ask Me Why
Aasim - Back To Basics
Aasim - Beast
Aasim - Best There It
Aasim - Blackbirds
Aasim - Bring It On
Aasim - Ciroc Party (Ciroc Boyz)
Aasim - Definition Of A Hustler
Aasim - Fantasy Believe
Aasim - Flashy (Fancy Remix)
Aasim - Get It To Go
Aasim - Get Pussy
Aasim - Go Wit Me
Aasim - God With The Flow
Aasim - Green Get The Money
Aasim - Here To Takeover
Aasim - Just Live
Aasim - Just Plain Retarded
Aasim - Leave Me This Way
Aasim - Listen
Aasim - Lounge
Aasim - Love Come Down (Remix)
Aasim - Make Em Clap
Aasim - Manhattan Pussy
Aasim - My Adidas
Aasim - My Story
Aasim - On My Queens Shit
Aasim - On The Shelf
Aasim - Out On The Lamb
Aasim - Pimpin
Aasim - Proceed
Aasim - Queens
Aasim - Ready To Go
Aasim - Real Soldiers
Aasim - Ridah (Puff Daddy Reference)
Aasim - Roc Da Mic
Aasim - Say Yes
Aasim - So Shwanky
Aasim - Still Gotcha
Aasim - Streets
Aasim - The Birth Of A Legend
Aasim - The Funeral
Aasim - The King Returns Pt.1
Aasim - The Titanic
Aasim - They Fighting
Aasim - Upside Down
Aasim - We Like To Party
Aasim - Welcome To Bad Boy (same as intro & why wouldn't i from spell my name right mixtape)
Aasim Da Xplicit - Fly Shit
Aasim Da Xplicit - Last Stop
Aasim Feat. Brandy - U Make Me Feel
Aasim Feat. Carmen Cameron - You Make Me (Remix)
Aasim Feat. D Goode - Sex Addict
Aasim Feat. Dawn Richards - We Ride
Aasim Feat. Diddy - Feel Stronger (Inproved Mix)
Aasim Feat. Diddy - Raw
Aasim Feat. Diddy Dirty Money & Trey Songz - Your Love
Aasim Feat. Diddy Dirty Money - Someone To Love Me
Aasim Feat. Donnie Klang - Be Right There
Aasim Feat. Fat Joe - The Truth (Remix)
Aasim Feat. Iyanna Dean - Funny
Aasim Feat. Iyanna Dean - Successful
Aasim Feat. Joell Ortiz - Go Off
Aasim Feat. Notorious Big & Diddy - Madness
Aasim Feat. Swizz Beatz - Last Stop Queens Intro
Aasim Feat. Will Taylor (Of Day 26) - Just Wanna Say
Aasim Feat. Wize G - I'm Leavin
Aasim - Death Cruiser (House Party Remix)
Aasim - I'm Nasty (Can U Keep Up)
Aasim - Private Party
Aasim Ft. Jasmine Villegas - Hello

Aasim, G Dep, Black Rob, John Doe, E Ness, Beloved & Lord Tariq - Hellbound
B.O.B Feat. Aasim, Hayley Williams & Eminem - Airplanes (Remix)
Black Rob Feat. E Ness, Chopper, Babs & Aasim - Team
Bobby Creekwater Feat. P Money & Aasim - Anyway
Bobby Valentino Feat. Aasim - Slow Down (Bad Boy Remix)
Camron Feat. Vado & Aasim - Speaking In Tongues (Remix)
Cassie Feat. Aasim & E Ness - Must Be Love (Remix)
Cassie Feat. Aasim - Radio (Remix)
Chris Brown Feat. Aasim - She Ain't You
Danity Kane Feat. Aasim - Damaged (Remix)
Day26 Ft. Aasim - Got Me Going (Bad Boy Remix)
Diddy Feat. Aasim & Lil Wayne - I Am (Remix)
Diddy Feat. Aasim & Ness - We Here
Diddy Feat. Aasim - I Am
Diddy Dirty Money Feat. Aasim & Drake - Loving You No More
Diddy Dirty Money Feat. Aasim - Angels (Remix)
Dj Kool Kid Feat. Aasim - Im Just Playin
DJ Nino Brown Feat. Aasim - Lifestyle Changes
Drake Feat. Aasim - Marvins Room
Drake Feat. Aasim - So Its On
E Ness Feat Aasim - Dollars & Sense
E Ness Feat. Aasim - Gotta Get Mine
E Ness Feat. Aasim - Take Em To War
E Ness Feat. Aasim - Yeah
Eve Feat. Swizz Beatz & Aasim - Everyday Coolin' (Remix)
Frank Ocean Feat. Aasim - Novacane (Remix)
J Cole Feat. Aasim - Who Dat (Remix)
Jae Millz, JR Writer, Graph, Postaboy, Corey Gunz, Stack Bundles, Meeno, John Doe, Papoose, Murder Mook, True Life, Aasim, Saigon, Pistol Pete, Littles, Lake The Kid, Paul Caine, Tony Bosco, Kob, Ness, Shells, Calibur, Shark, Domination, Gravy - Rollin 25 Deep
Large Pro Feat. Aasim & Cella Dwellas - BQE
Lord Tariq Feat. Aasim - Beep Beep
Lucy Diamonds Feat. Aasim - New Life
Madd Rapper Feat. E Ness & Aasim - Gunshots
Mega Phenom Feat. Black Rob, Aasim, Bristal & Lord Tariq - Mind On My Money
Ne-Yo Feat. Aasim - Champaign Life (Bad Boy Remix)
Notorious Big Feat. Black Rob, E Ness & Aasim - Live From The BBQ
Olivia Feat. Aasim - December (Remix)
P Money Feat. Aasim & Capone - We (Dem Niggas)
Recordkingz Feat. Aasim - You Been Warned
Roc Raida Feat. Aasim - I Got You
Tony Dofat Feat. Aasim - Gimme Whut You Got
Tony Sinclair Feat. Aasim - Around The World
Wize G Feat. Aasim - Back 2 Da Side
Wize G Feat. Aasim - Keep Pushin
Wize G Feat. Roc Raida & Aasim - X-Eecutioner Style
Aasim Ft. Chris Brown - My Last (Remix)
Aasim Ft. J Cole & Jay Z - Mr Nice Watch (Remix)
Aasim Ft. Lil Wanye & Drake - She Will (Remix)
Aasim Ft. Tyga - Rack City Bitch
Short Dawg Ft. Aasim & Mudah Baby - Poud Up
Mary J Blige Ft. Aasim - Mr Wrong (Remix)
Aasim Ft. Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends Part 2
Aasim - Alumni Freestyles (w/ Mega Phenom, Black Rob, and Ness from Da Band
Aasim - Bad Boy Killed You Freestyle
Aasim - Da Xplicit Freestyle (Big Mike - Max Payne 2: The Fall of Big Mike)
Aasim - Find Your Love Freestyle
Aasim - Focus (Freestyle)
Aasim - Freestyle (Big Mike - Forbes 400)
Aasim - Freestyle (Big Mike - Get The Money & Run Pt. 2)
Aasim - Freestyle (Big Mike - The Contender 2.0)
Aasim - Freestyle (DJ Absoult - Sudden Death)
Aasim - Freestyle (DJ Envy & Big Mike - Ahead of The Competition 4)
Aasim - Freestyle (DJ Envy - Ahead of The Competition Pt. 2)
Aasim - Freestyle (DJ Envy - America's Nightmare Pt. 2)
Aasim - Freestyle (Dj Kurupt - It's A New Day)
Aasim - Freestyle (Don't Call It A Comeback)
Aasim - Freestyle (Radio - Freestyle Friday)
Aasim - Freestyle (Radio - Freestyle Fridays II)
Aasim - Freestyle (Radio - Revolutions 2)
Aasim - Freestyle (Radio - The Hood Series Vol. 3: Rocafella Remixed)
Aasim - Hood Rules Freestyle (Team Invasion Presents Hood Rules)
Aasim - I'm A Boss (Freestyle)
Aasim - I'm On One (Freestyle)
Aasim - Invasion Freestyle (Team Invasion Presents Hood Rules Apply 2)
Aasim - Moment For Life (Remix)
Aasim - NYC Freestyle
Aasim - Outro (DJ Green Lantern - Invasion Part III)
Aasim - Peter Piper (Freestyle)
Aasim Ft. Drake - Doing It Wrong (Freestyle)
Aasim - Shot Caller (Freestyle)
Ghostwriter Credits

Diddy's Verse(s) Only

From Press Play
Diddy - Testimonial (Intro)
Diddy Feat. Jack Knight - We Gon' Make It
Diddy - I Am (Interlude)
Diddy Feat. Christina Aguilera - Tell Me
Diddy Feat. Nas & Cee-Lo - Everything I Love
Diddy Feat. Brandy - Thought You Said
Diddy Feat. Mary J Blige - Making It Hard

Busta Rhymes Feat. Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, Akon & Lil Wayne - Arab Money (Remix)
Cassie Feat. Diddy - Must Be Love
Chester French Feat. Diddy & Jadakiss - Ciroc Star
Diddy Dirty Money - Love Come Down
Diddy Feat. Yung Joc - Diddy Bop
DJ Felli Feat.Diddy, Akon, Ludacris & Lil Jon - Get Buck In Here
O'Neal McKnight Feat. Jermaine Dupri & Diddy - Check Your Coat (Remix)
Puff Daddy - Swagger Like Puff
Pussycat Doll Ft. Diddy, Lil Wayne & Fatman Scoop - When I Grow Up (Remix)
Waka Flocka Flame Feat. Diddy, Rick Ross & Gucci Mane - Oh Lets Do It (Remix)

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