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Need Help To I.D. These Unreleased Bad Boy Songs

A few years ago a guy with the username Sloppy703 uploaded a 13 minute collection of snippets of various unreleased bad boy song onto BadBoyForever.Com. I'm trying to i.d. each of the songs and need everyones help. I cut the track up so you can listen to each song on its own. Please if you can help by identifying any of the songs then please leave a comment at the bottom of this post, in the chatbox on the right or email me at
Thank You


Click On The Song Title To Open The Song In Hulkshare.

White WRITING = Song Title Comfirmed
Red WRITING = Song Title Still Needed

1. P Diddy Intro From Sean John Back 2 School Sampler
2. Black Rob - Gun Hell
3. Gotham City Ft. Black Rob & G-Dep - Stop It
4. Black Rob - Talk To Me
5. Gotham City Ft. Black Rob & G Dep - Scam Life
6. Black Rob Ft. G Dep - Espacio (Unreleased Version)
7. Black Rob & Mase - Give It Up
8. Mo Money Ft. Mase - After All
9. Mase - Someone Like You
10. Black Rob Ft. Cheri Dennis - B.R. Pt2
11. Brett Ft. Loon - Harlem Nights
12. Mcgruff Ft. The Lox & Mase - Money Involved
13. The Lox Ft. Puff Daddy & Mase - We Can Do It
14. Michael Jackson Ft. Notorious Big - This Time Around (Maurice's Hip Hop Around Mix)
15. Notorious Big - Machine Gun Funk (DJ Premier Remix)
16. Notorious Big - St Ides Commercial
17. Shyne - What You Know
18. Black Rob - Business Never Personal
19. Unknown Shyne Song
20. Black Rob - Lungs On Fire
21. Notorious Big Interlude (Tracey Lee - Live from the 215 Album)
22. Notorious Big Ft. The Lox - You'll See (Unreleased)
23. Big L, Mcgruff & Mase - Hell Up In Harlem
24. Mase Ft. Total - Tell Me Want You Want (Remix)
25. Lil' Cease Ft. Kelly Price & Mase - Girlfriend (Unreleased Version)
26. Ray J Ft. Lil Cease - Everything You Want (Bad Boy Remix)
27. Black Rob Ft. The Lox - Chain Gang
28. Flow Click Ft. Black Rob - Who's Dat
29. Unknown Mark Curry Song
30. Kain - Bad Boy
31. Amerie Ft. Kain - Talkin' 2 Me (Remix)
32. Black Rob - Freestyle (Dj Kay Slay - The Drama Hour)
33. Unknown Black Rob Song
34. Black Rob & G-Dep - Freestyle (Cipha Sounds & Q-Butta - The Official Mixtape for the Streets - Volume 3)
35. Pretty Boy Ft. Foxy & Mase - Baby, Baby, Baby
36. Phajja Ft. Lil Cease & Mr. Bristal - Slept
37. Notorious Big Ft. Sauce Money & Lil Cease - Westside Story (Unreleased)
38. Harlem World - Minute Man (Unreleased Version With Lil Cease & Trife)
39. Sonya Blade Ft. Black Rob - One Thug
40. Black Rob - Pay The Rent
41. Toni Braxton Ft. Puff Daddy & Notorious Big - How Many Ways (Bad Boy Remix)
42. Faith Evans Ft. Puff Daddy - You Used To Love Me (Remix)
43. Puff Daddy - Fuck Y'all Niggas
44. Puff Daddy Ft. Mase & Kelly Price - I'll Do This For You (Unreleased Version)
45. Charli Baltimore Ft. Mase - Ice
46. Tanya Blount Ft. Mase - I Love Him
47. The Lox Ft. Jay-Z & Kelly Price - So Right (Remix)
48. Shaquille O'Neal Ft. Black Rob & Thor-El – Y'all Don't Really Want It
49. Puff Daddy Ft. Black Rob - No Way Out
50. Puff Daddy Skit From Bad Boy Mixtape Vol.4 Stop Yappin'
51. Puff Daddy Skit From Bad Boy Mixtape Vol.4 Stop Yappin'
52. Cardan & Mase - Time Is Money
53. Black Rob - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay - Original Gangsters Pt 5)
54. The Madd Rapper Ft. Tracey Lee - White Lines Freestyle (In Too Deep Mixtape)
55. Puff Daddy Ft. Mase & Carl Thomas - Been Around the World (Bad Boy Remix)

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